Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Fruit Loops soaked in pee

April 10, 2012
So out of all the love that we have been shown in our lives how come it is so hard to pass it on?
Why do people spend more time trying to get as much as they can from others, instead of maybe giving a little bit of the extra that they may not use? So much waste and some would rather see it go to waste than help one who might use.
There are good and decent people out there, I understand that some of those have been used out or up. You can only help someone if you don’t use up what you need to survive. Taking advantage of a good thing only lasts so long, and then the idea of helping anyone becomes bitter. There are largely growing groups that don’t want to learn how to fish, they’re to use to the fish just jumping in the boat. When the boat sinks or leaves they go and find another boat, I think it is time for most of the boats to go out to sea. We can leave them some line and a cane pole, maybe some hooks. It may seem like I am mean, but I have others that can’t take care of them selves. So why should I let someone take all that I have and short the little ones of the things that group had when they were little. Some won’t like the decisions I have to make; it is just a matter of survival.

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